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Mixed polyester resin (50:50)

Polyester resin ZJ5053

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Basic performance and application

ZJ5053 saturated polyester resin is a special polyester resin for powder coating produced by mixing with epoxy resin at 50:50. The powder coating made has high gloss, good leveling, excellent mechanical properties and decorative properties, and storage stability Sex is good.

Technical index

Appearance: light yellow flake solid

Acid value (mgKOH/g): 68-78

Softening point (ring and ball method ℃): 96-115

Glass transition temperature (Tg℃): 55±3

Viscosity (200℃/mPa.s): 2000-4000

Packaging and storage

Packed in composite paper bags, net weight 25kg per bag

The storage period of the product in a ventilated and dry place below 30℃ is one year

Reference formula

Weight Name
ZJ5053(50:50) 300g Epoxy resin (E-12) 300g
Color filler 375g Leveling agent (PV88 or GLP588) 10g
Benzoin 5g Wetting accelerator 701B 10g

Milling process conditions

Extruder: SLJ-30AF

Extruder material jacket temperature (℃): 100-120

Extruder screw temperature (℃): 60

Extruder speed (rpm): 60

Baking conditions: 185℃/15 minutes

Basic properties of coating

Coating thickness (um): 70±10

Gloss (60℃)%: ≥90

Bending (mm): ≤6

Impact strength (forward and reverse): 50

Pencil hardness: 1H

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