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Zhengjie launches summer safety production training activities

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It's hot summer, continuous high temperature and sudden heavy rain, lightning and other bad weather can easily induce various kinds of safety accidents. In order to strengthen summer production safety management and ensure the safety of all employees, Huangshan Zhengjie New Materials Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Zhengjie Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized summer safety knowledge training activities on the morning of July 27.

The training was conducted by Xiang Jianbin, a trainer of Huangshan Zhuan Enterprise Management Consulting Service Co., Ltd., and it included two aspects: summer workshop hidden trouble investigation and high temperature heatstroke prevention promotion. Xiang engineer gave a vivid training and explanation in combination with the case, so that all front-line employees of the enterprise realized the importance of safety in production.

Through this training, not only popularized the summer safety knowledge, but also tightened the safety production strings of all employees, strengthened the safety responsibility awareness of all employees, and laid a solid foundation for Zhengjie zero-year safety production work accidents.

[TIPS] With the continuous high temperature attack in recent days, Zhengjie is paying close attention to the life and health of every front-line employee, providing grapes, watermelons, mineral water, mung bean soup and standing refreshing heatstroke and cooling drugs, in order to stick to the frontline Workers create a "cool" atmosphere.

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